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How Do You Think ??????

I've been reading Thoughts are Things and thought you might like this quote:

  • “You are every day thinking yourself into some phase of character and facial expression, good or bad. If your thoughts are permanently cheerful, your face will look cheerful. If most of the time you are in a complaining, peevish, quarrelsome mood, this kind of thought will put ugly lines on your face; they will poison your blood, make you dyspeptic, and ruin your complexion; because then you are in your own unseen laboratory of mind, generating an unseen end poisonous element, your thought; and as you put it out or think it, by the inevitable Law of nature it attracts to it the same kind of thoughts."

1. Coleridge said: “He prayeth best who loveth best.”

2. When you pray, you do not try to change the God of your understanding,

which is the same yesterday, today and forever. Prayer is aligning yourself

with the eternal verities of life and becoming a focal point for the expression

of life, love, truth, beauty and the life more abundant.

3. The prayer of petition works occasionally; i.e., when a man goes all

the way out on a limb and trusts what to him is a God in the skies. The real

truth of the matter is that he answers his own prayer.  The God of your understanding

responds to his blind belief.

4. In a certain sense your thought is your prayer for the simple reason

that every thought tends to action and manifestation. There is only 

one Creative Power, namely thoughts, which permeates all life. Your

thought is the only immaterial power you know. You are what you think all day long.

5. When you pray it is essential that you be at peace with all men and

all things. Realize your essential unity with all life, for God is Life or Spirit,